Coating Terms



Noxtat SDG” is a static dissipative coating with excellent abrasion resistance.


Noxtat SDB is a static dissipative coating with abrasion resistance that is bendable to a soft radii. As the bendable property is increased in the coating, the abrasion resistance property decreases. The static dissipative property is unaffected.


Noxtat Edgecoat is a liquid EDS coating used on cut edges, milled out areas, and drilled holes of coated sheets. This is sold as a separate finishing property for Noxtat SDG or SDB coated sheets.

Tec 2000

Tec 2000 is a water clear hardcoat that is nearly as scratch and abrasion resistant as glass.

Tec Satin 2000

Tec Satin 2000 is a non-glare coating with hardcoat properties that is available in low, medium, and high gloss levels.

Tec 2000 UV

Tec 2000 UV is a clear hard coat that has abrasion resisitant properties with a UV protective additive in it.

Tec 2000 AF

Tec 2000 Anti Fog is a hard coat tested to be an H2 or greater hardness with anti fog properties.

Tec 2000 AG

Tec 2000 Anti Graffiti is a clear hard coat with a transparent barrier that does not allow “tagging” materials such as spray paint or marking pens to adhear to its surface.

OPTEC 2000

Optec 2000 is a transparent hardcoat with the broadest range of chemical and solvent resistance available. This coating is used on various lenses and typically meets or exceeds optical specifications.

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