Cinepro Ultra Koul High Contrast (HC)

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CINEPRO Ultra Koul HC is the darkest screen that ACP makes. It was formatted to give maximum gray/blue contrast. This is a single element rear projection screen. The Darker gray/blue coloration is done maximize and enhance the actual image contrast. It is commonly produced in a .7 gain and the half gain is 30 degrees. When using a 1:1 lens or even with some of the very wide angle projection lenses, there will be no hot spot. The diffusing emulsion lay- er is infused into the surface of the substrate and will not peel or delaminate. The surface is resin re-enforced to pre- vent handling damage. The opposing side of the screen can be coated with TEC SATIN non-glare hard coat to help eliminate retro reflection and double imaging.

Excellent for home theater, board rooms, studio, conference rooms, advertising, education and control rooms.
Excellent ambient light rejection

Enables the screen to be used in systems where higher ambient lighting is necessary during the viewing experience such as presentations or public access areas.

No failure due to thermal expansion and contraction

Because the screen is produced using a surface cross linking method, the coating expands and contracts at the same rate as the substrate therefore eliminating shrinking or crazing of the actual screen surface.

Increased contrast and 3D ratio levels

Excellent option for video applications where high contrast and crystal clear resolution are desired. Due to the advanced matrix used in the manufacture of this screen, it has a 30:1 3D ratio making it a great choice for 3D home video applications.

Multiple gain selection

ACP produces custom gain levels based on the type of install and lens selection. This way, the end user is provided with the optimal solution for their application.

Available Blank Sizes and Materials

ACRYVIEW – up to 104″ x 216″
CINEFIRE – Up to 130″ X 204″
CINEFLEX II – Up to 100″ X 400″

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