Cinepro Ultra Koul Flight

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CINEPRO Ultra Koul Flight is a white rear projection screen. It is commonly produced in a .8 to 1.0 gain so that the light is utilized most efficiently across the screen surface. The Half gain is 70+degrees at a .8 gain and 60+ degrees at 1.0 gain. When using a 1:1 lens or even with some of the very wide angle projection lenses, there will be no hot spot. The optical layer is infused into the substrate and will not peel or delaminate. The surface is resin re-enforced to prevent handling damage. The opposing side of the screen can be coated with our TEC SATIN non-glare hard coat to help eliminate retro reflection and double imaging. The TEC SATIN creates a shield that can be written on with dry erase markers for teaching and demonstration purposes. The writing is wiped away without leaving a “ghost”. TEC SATIN is NOT recommended in blend or situations where more than one projector is to be used.

Wide angle viewing for flight simulators, command and control centers, auditoriums and training facilities. Provides equally good viewing from anywhere in the room, training cockpit or window.
Ultra wide viewing angle. Exceptional wide angle viewing cone. Superior resolution.

Due to the wide angle half gain the CINEPRO ULTRA KOUL FLIGHT is ideal for simulators.

Multiple Gain Selection

Several lens possibilities are used in simulator production. ACP produces custom gain levels based on the type of install and lens selection. This way, the end user is provided with the optimal solution for their application.

The coating is applied directly to the substrate and is not an applied film.

Eliminates the possibility of shrinkage, delamination, or glue discoloration.

Available Blank Sizes and Materials

ACRYVIEW – up to 104” x 216”

CINEFIRE – Up to 130” X 204”


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