ACP NOXTAT is a versatile, technical manufacturing company producing coated products for many of the plastic market segments. This product offering includes NOXTAT™ static dissipative coatings, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant coatings, non-glare coatings, abrasion resistant coating for lenses, face shields and other optically clear protective needs. ACP also provides a variety of leading edge front and rear projection screens for the audio/visual markets.

Disclaimer: ACP NOXTAT literature is given in good faith, no guarantee is made that the same results or satisfaction will be obtained. None of the ACP affiliates, employees or authorized representatives will be held responsible for any loss incurred up to and including labor, materials, coating costs or shipping charges. Each user of the product shall make its determination as to the suitability of the product in its intended use. All modifications to the coating to offer desired results for specific applications will be done at the risk of the purchaser and ACP NOXTAT will not accept any responsibility for the end results. Any testing that is needed will be done by the purchaser to determine whether the products performance falls within the specific guidelines that are needed for the purchaser’s particular application.